Will an A10 5800K @ 4.2ghz bottleneck a GTX 660?

Like the title states, will it? If so, will I still be able to get 40-50fps+ on Crysis 2 Maxed at 1080p and with some other games?

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  1. The bottleneck will be very minimal(about 5%) since the 5800k is at par with the phenom II 965 and at 4.2 ghz it shouldn't bottleneck too much so you should be fine.
  2. no, it wont, ull be fine.
  3. It will not bottleneck much.
  4. not worth talking about. in real world performance u wont see it.
  5. I run my APU setup with a HD7870 GE and it doesn't bottleneck all that much, BF3 64man map managed withing 7FPS of what a 3570/8350 managed which is darn impressive.
  6. yars
  7. Do you already have an A10-5800k? If not you might want to consider an i3 3220 or FX 4300. Both are the same price. The FX 4300 is about the same and offers better upgrade possibilities. The i3 is of course better. Or even the FX 6300 for $10 more would be better than both AMD CPUs, and in some areas better than the i3 3220.
  8. yes i agree, but if he already has it. its still pretty good.
  9. It depends on which gtx660
  10. a gtx 660 is a gtx 660. enought said
  11. I think he meant either a GTX 660 or GTX 660 TI. There is a bit of a difference. But, since he didn't use TI I assume it's just a regular GTX 660.
  12. yea same here. to me 660ti and 660 aint the same card.
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