Cheap Gaming PC build won't start

Motherboard: GA H61m-ds2
Processor: Pentium g850 Sandy Bridges
Ram: Corsair XM3 2x4gb
Hard Drive: WD Caviar Blue 500gb
Disk: Asus DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS 24xDVD Burner
Power Supply: Cool Master Extreme Power Plus 500w

->Also have a Asus Radeon hd 7550 which i have taken out just to see if it had effect on my power.


The PC will not turn on. It gets power for a split second makes a noise like something in there is trying to draw power, the power LED display flashes for a second... but nothing, no power.

The exhaust fan on the case does not match what I have on the motherboard, I did not intend to run the computer for any amount of time, and will have the adapter tomorrow, is this the issue? Or have I done something wrong? As far as I can tell everything is in place and connected properly.

Please help and thank you for your time.
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  1. i know this sounds silly but are you sure you plugged in your main power to your mobo? i had the same problem when i built mine i did't have all the power cords pluged in might want to try that good luck!
  2. Yes, the LED flashes for a second as if it were getting power then it shuts off, as advised as another forum I am about to run off a motherboard, GPU, and one stick of ram to see if i have a defective part.
  3. did you also plug the 4 pins atx from the psu to the motherboard see the cpu fan is also plug in then check if both the 24 and 4 pins are well seated on the board connector and not loose,for the fan in the back you could use the 3 pins system fans at the bottom of the left side on board.this card got also onboard video chipset so you could connect monitor to and test without the hd 7550 for boot
  4. Your power supply might be defective.
  5. CPU and fan hooked up to motherboard.
    Ram inserted.
    Power supply connected.
    Power switch and led light hooked up.

    Press power.....

    Led light stays on for a second.
    Fan on top of CPU runs for a few seconds and everything turns off.

    Sounds like it is in fact my power supply, right?
  6. You have both connections to the motherboard from the PSU connected right?
    Both the 24pin and the 4 or 8 pin (if 8 make sure ALL 8 are connected not just 4).

    If that doesn't work, then try a friend's PSU.
  7. i have twenty four pins connected.... a twenty pin plug, then a four pin plug right next to it


    i seem to have overlooked the four pins... i got confused with the twenty + 4
    so now its twenty + 4 (twenty four) and then i'm connecting the other four ATX (12v) right now....

    will post back shortly...
  8. Press Power

    PC makes a beep noise. CPU Fan does not spin. LED Light stays on. No video. PC makes a noise as if power were running through it.

    It is definetely getting power.

    Tried it on two different Acer monitors... no video... so i don't know if its loading or not

    I think I have an old monitor in my shed.... gonna go dig it up.... is the monitor the problem? or is it now the motherboard or cpu?
  9. you try it with the onboard video and nothing on monitor you been suggested to try another psu i would do this if you cannot have a post screen then it will be time to check motherboard
  10. Also, reset the cmos.
  11. Ok, so I got the computer running after I disassembled it a few times.

    I missed a 12v from powersupply to fan at first....

    I do not know what was wrong after that...

    I had a problem for a while with my harddrive and installing Windows 7
    had to use diskpart to wipe the hd

    Thank you for the breadboarding stuff on this forum helped to determine my components were not burned up and when I build my next computer I think I'm going to do that pre-installation to case.

    Thanks guys!
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