Will PCIE 2.0 x16,x4 crossfire work?

I have a motherboard that supports crossfire, but only at 16x, 4x...How much of a performance hit will I get?

I currently have a MSI 6850 cyclone edition, and money is tight so I can't really replace it with a beast single gpu, so I'd rather xfire it.

Would the low bandwidth matter, and if so how much would a performance hit will i get? Will it make the extra 6850 worthless?

I really want personal experience, not just a bunch of benchmarks, but those would also be appreciated.
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  1. hello,

    according to info i red here and there in past weeks its like 3-4% hit if you have 16/8 and another 3-4% if you have 16/4. so 16/4 is like 92-94percent effectivity of second card compared with 16/16.

  2. Ah okay, so basically like a 1fps hit in game.
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