Is this PSU fine ?


After reading this amazing form finally I built a new budget CPU first time :bounce: and here is my config:

Mobo: AsusP8B75-V, Processor: Intel G630 2.7GHz, HDD: Segate 500GB, RAM: 8GB Corsair, LG DVD Writer and No Graphics Card for now and UPS as well.

PSU: India made Intex 450W ( low cost PSU here in indian market , bought due to budget constraints ) :cry:

I am worried whether this local PSU will be OK for my system since I have UPS for protection over AC fluctuation OR should I buy a branded PSU ? :(

Help me please....advice ..will be waiting for your sugesstions :)
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    well if it's cheap the rated 450W probably stretched truth and in actuality its more 250-350W PSU, but even that be naught to run system you posted.
    Unless the specific brand has some nasty tendency to fry PC's,
    any PSU can work fine and for long time, i have plenty of cheap PSU that came with cases and they worked for over 5 years but top of the line die in 1.

    I generally advice any1 not to skimp on good quality PSU, if you can always go for something more reputable with better quality.

    BTW UPS protects from bad things coming from outside to PSU, there nothing to protect your components from PSU going bad and frying all your components inside.
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