Corsair VS550 w

Is it a good PSU ?and what gpu could it handle?
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    It's not a bad PSU, but not a solid one either. It's basically a re-brand of "TX" line for non-US countries (mainly Southern Europe).
    But unlike high-quality "TX"es, "VS"es and "VX"es are assembled of the cheapest parts/components left. :\
    It is fine as long as you keep it in a good shape, in a clean room and your case is standing on the table or anywhere higher than the floor level, since it can't handle dust well.
    It's still much better than the lame "CX" line, so you can get it just fine. Just don't expect very much from it.
    As about GPUs - just get HIS' HD 7770 iCooler/Galaxy's GTX 650 Ti and you'll be absolutely fine.
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  3. one more question :D

    Im getting an 8800 gts g92 so will the PSU handle it without problems ?

    p.s i will get a better gpu in future for now the gts wil be good ;)
  4. Are you kidding me?
    GTS 8800s are soooo old and weak that even some "380W"-modern PSUs will handle them with absolute breeze (Antec's "EarthWatts 380D", for example).
  5. So i wont have a problem with that gpu ?
  6. Of course not. If that satisfies your needs at the current moment, that is.
  7. Then thank you for your help my good man :)
  8. nikolajk2234 said:
    Thank you.

    You are always welcome.

    nikolajk2234 said:
    My good man.

    Никол, ты уж извини, but...sorry, I prefer female-gender partners for that kind of thing. :\
    And of older age than just 15 years. :\
  9. haha :D
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