Case has no space for wires?!?

I just upgraded from a Mirco ATX to a Full ATX and with that a new case, Rosewill Challenger usb2, and a new PSU, modular fully sleeved leading into the actual PSU. However the case cant handle any cables to be put behind the motherboard tray at all, its to the point of when i actually do FORCE the back panel on; the back panel bends to where there is a nice 1 inch gap near the front of the case. And that is just with the 24 pin and molex cables hooked in running behind it.

I tried to cut a good chunk out of the middle of the back panel as if im adding in a window (have done this multiple times), but when it came to adding the already bent metal to it. I managed to actually make things worse and now have metal near the back pins of the mother board near the processor... (DANG IT!!!). so i removed the back panel all together.

Is there anyone out there who has a solution for this problem... besides buying a new case?
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  1. Pics please, we'll sort something :)
    I added electric tape to inside of the panel.
    The metal scrapper is not forceing it open its sitting right inside of the edge
  3. I can see your problem there alright, I reckon your connectors are going to have to go the other side of the tray, some cases you just don't have any space no matter how you cut it,
    I'd say you have two options,
    One send it to me with beer and return postage paid or
    Two, new case time
    I can't see from there how everything is set up inside the case but I know its going to be tight if you want to hide cables, maybe check out the members galleries to get some ideas for cable management?
  4. Im looking at rosewill thor v2 black
    From what I understand its best for the best.
    Any thoughts?
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    glitchgod said:
    Im looking at rosewill thor v2 black
    From what I understand its best for the best.
    Any thoughts?

    make your own thread next time.

    the thor v2 is pretty good but I would go with the cm storm trooper in that price range
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