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For a while my graphics card has been overheating.I cleaned the inside of my desktop from dust and the fans are working properly. Everything is running at an alright temp but somehow my graphics card is staying at 90 degrees celcius idle! Could you please help me and if it helps my desktop is fairly old,made in early 2007 i think.It's wierd sometimes i look up on can you run it for certain games and it says i have the recommended requirements and then when i play it,it lags like hell.Please help!
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  1. Hi

    Are you sure that your gpu's fan is working?

    P.S. What is your gpu?
  2. Thanks for the reply :) I'll check if my fans working tomorrow (Got stuff to do :p) My gpu is the nvidia geforce 8400gs i know its pretty ancient but its all i got for now. I'm a noob when it comes to computers, is the gpu fan on the graphics card or what? haha i have no clue :)
  3. ya the fan on your graphics card..also maybe the games are lagging due to that that 8400gs is a crappy card which is not meant for gaming..and the heat issue maybe because your case ventilation is not must upgrade your graphics
  4. Ok thanks i will check the fan but i dont get why it says i can run the game due to having recommended system requirements but then it lags haha :p. I will check soon ok :)
  5. johnblack32 said:
    Ok thanks i will check the fan but i dont get why it says i can run the game due to having recommended system requirements but then it lags haha :p. I will check soon ok :)

    Well sometimes you cannot run a game smoothly even though you may have the minimum system requirements needed for the game to run. This is because in theory everything is fine and good to go but in practise it is totally different. Keep in mind that as your computer's hardware get older and more frustrated, you pc will not give you its maximum performance that used to. Especially when a computer is quite old, you will see a lack in performance as hardware have to work with all the tear and wear that has been created through the years. Furthermore a computer's performance might be affected by a virus, or even a trojan etc.

    Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks it does help :). I cleaned the inside of the pc with a can of compressed air,am currently running a full scan for my anti virus( Trend Micro Titanium platnium edition) and also the fans are running fine inside the pc. I'll tell you if my antivirus picks up anything out of the ordinary. One last thing if you have lots of things downloaded or stored on your pc will it make it run slow and bring the temp up? Anyways thanks for the help!
  7. Well this will not play a tremendous role on pc temp but it can play a small part indeed, as the more staff you have on your drive the ''heavier'' your pc is. I would recommend that you delete all the unnecessary staff from your drive and then use the Disk Cleanup, and Disk defragment tools (search for them through the start button) to give your drive a relief.

    Hope this helps!
  8. Thanks i ran Ccleaner and also defraggler,it cleaned up some trash and re-arranged the files. I dont know if this helps but the other stuff in my system are running at around 30 degrees celcius but the gpu is the only one overheating and since cleaning the pc my gpu temp went down a couple of degrees celcius(around 5 i think) Also on a application called gamebooster it says my fan is running at around 1500 rpm(dont know what that is :p) Also people say sometimes drivers can cause the issue. Anyways thankyou for the continued help,it means alot :)
  9. Well I don't think you can do much from now on. Your gpu is quite old so the next step you would do if you like to solve your problem completely is buy a new gpu.
  10. Just saw this thread. 90°C GPU on idle isn't caused by dust or poor ventilation. You need to reseat the heatsink and reapply the thermal paste on the GPU.

    Here's a how to video:

    And I suggest you do this ASAP. The card this hot may not only damage itself, but other components inside the PC as well.
  11. Ok will do that,do i get the thermal paste from a computer store? And is reseating the heatsink really hard and can you show me a picture of whats what in a computer? Thanks :)
  12. This video will show you all the components that are inside the pc:
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