Hi everyone!!!! i have a question for all of you :)
ok firstly Specs:
-Intel core i7 2700K (planning on overclocking)
-Gigabyte GTX 670 factory OC triple windforce fans (AWESOME COOLING)
-16GB DDR3
-G1.sniper m3 MOBO
-800W power supply

i am planning on buying a second GTX 670 to setup an SLI configuration now... one problem :/ How do i do this. i have an SLI compatible MOBO and have the SLI bridge but don't know what to do after plugging them both in. these are my problems:

-Do i need any special drivers?
-Will it cause the heat in my case and in the graphics cards to rise?
-Is my power supply enough to run both cards?
-Any other changes that need to be made?
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  1. I have never sli'd before but as far as I know you do not need any special drivers. You use the same drivers. The heat will go up of course since you are running 2 gpu's. Your power supply is enough for sli. You probably need to activate sli mode in the nvidia control panel after you have placed your cards in your motherboard. Of course you need to connect each other with the SLI bridge.

    - Fastreaction
  2. Thanks this helped heaps :) i already knew about the Nvidia control panel thingy though :) oh wait some more questions (may be a bit silly): Do i need drivers for the second GPU? and which GPU do i plug my HDMI plug into? the first 1?
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    No you don't get it, you don't have to install multiple drivers if you are installing multiple cards. Install the latest nvidia drivers and you should be fine :). That HDMI shouldn't matter as far as I know since they are both connected to each other. Once again I am not a professional in SLI but I think it should be fine :)

    - Fastreaction
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  5. THANKS!!!!!!!
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