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How to disable onboard video for Emachine T6420
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  1. A little more detail would be helpful. You can disable on board video in your bios settings, although normally when you insert a discrete solution your motherboard automatically recognizes this and outputs your video through the card. Have you got a graphics card that is not being recognized?
  2. THX for the reply.
    No, I assume no since the monitor is not firing up. The graphics card on the mother board (MS-7207) failed so I have no window into the system or Bios, I thought the same thing about the discrete solution. But on further investigation I heard from different sources that Emachines has proprietary system that if something fails you have to replace with gateway product. I also read in the manual if you had a new graphic card you have to disable the on-board card but without a good graphic card I have no monitor. So I thought there might be a jumper on the MB that can be removed and then it would recognize the new card.
  3. nah, i have owned a few emachines, you can buy any video card you want, no worries
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