LG L1710S vs L1710B

I ordered a L1710S because I like its look better, and that's the only difference I could see on LG's website. But I just realised that the B has a DVI input for just slightly more money. Now I see people saying that DVI is better, and others saying that analog is better. Is it worth sending my monitor back and get the one with the both inputs? What do you guys think?

Thanks !!

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  1. There's a new LG 1711S It's like the 1710S but with 16ms (instead of 20ms). However the 1710S is sometimes listed as 16ms, which I don't understand.

    As for the LG 1710B, I haven't seen it in "action" yet, but I think the price difference is worth it (and it's 16ms with full color).

    But beware, as a THG Editor post in the thread "confused about LCD reviews", the 1710B will use the new LG panel from August. Before that most 1710B use AU Optronics panel (which isn't using ALL colour in 16ms). So I assume the LG panel is better than the AU panel.

    Of course I would like more info on this matter, because I'm really considering the 1710B. It has good reviews, but how the hell do I know the panel it uses?
  2. It's all very confusing, all those different LCD monitors. Does the S version use 16 million colours then, or is it the same as the B version ? I thought they both used the same panel, but apparently one is 16ms and the other one 20ms. I also read a post somewhere saying that guy just got one, and he got an 8bits panel (so 16 millions real colours...).

    But hey, at the end of the day, all I really care about is: what do games look like on this monitor? And so far I all the reviews I've read say they look great on both versions. I'd just like to have to DVI input as a colleague of mine told me that the image looks a lot sharper in DVI mode on his Iiyama monitor.
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