Windows XP Pro and Philips Acoustic Edge

I'm trying to install Windows XP Pro on my system, and it's telling me my soundcard (Philips Acoustic Edge) hasn't passed Windows Logo testing. Does anyone know what that means? I have no idea, but I'm afraid to continue, because it says if I do it could mess up my system. If anyone has any idea what's going on please tell me. Thanks!
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  1. Just let it install. Almost every driver update I've installed has given me that message, and they all work fine. If you're really worried about it, remove the card, install XP, then reinstall the card, go through the driver install, opting to install the "unsigned" driver, then run the Windows Update to get the latest driver, if there is one. That way, if it screws up the system, you can use the rollback feature to make the card's driver disappear and undo any damage.
  2. It basically means that the card manuf hasnt paid microsoft a fortune to approve the card/drivers

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