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Hi My name is Greg and will be getting the -Sapphire 2GB 7850 OC PCI-E VGA Card-$224
it has a decent price and wondering will this fit in a pci-exspress 2.0 this is a 3.0 card by the way
i am also wondering will my rig i have bought some of the parts be able to run games like Skyrim,BF3,Crysis 2 and u guys my think this is weired but Minecraft On Full out shaders max settings and recording and the other games i selected can i play them on ultra or high while recording at 40-60 frames here is my rig

PROCESSOR--Intel Core i3-2130 3.4Ghz 1155pin Boxed CPU-$125

Graphics Card--Sapphire 2GB 7850 OC PCI-E VGA Card-$224

RAM--G.Skill Ares 8GB Kit (4Gx2) DDR3 1333 F3-1333C9D-8GAO-$43

HARD DRIVE-- Hitachi 3.5" Desktar 1TB SATA3 HDD 7200rpm-$78

Coolermaster Extreme2 Power Plus 625Watt. PSU---$78

my motherboard is a Asus P8H61-MLX
i will be giving my minecraft 4GB of ram to work with btw and will this card fit in a Microatx Case?

Thanks For all viewing my questions Love Yall
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  1. PCI Gen 1, 2 and 3 are all backward-compatible with each other. Your Gen 3 card will work in a Gen 2 slot.

    Easily hit max settings in Minecraft.
    Skyrim and games similar will run at max settings with respectable FPS. BF3 and Crysis 2 you may have to lower some settings.

    Have you bought these components already?

    Thats a Micro-ATX board, so it will fit in a Micro-ATX case.
  2. Thank you i will be recording what fps will i get on minecraft and skyrim thanks for the answer and i was talking about the gpu will it fit in a a micro-atx case ?
  3. Depends on the case, but generally it should be fine.

    Cant say for sure, but the hardware is more than adequate for ~50FPS in Skyrim just gaming. Minecraft I suspect will hit the V-Sync limit of 60.
    This review on the Gigabyte 7850 (the Sapphire should be similar) says it will have an average of 87 FPS and min of 48 @1080p.,14.html

    Whether recording will impact your performance depends if you are recording to the same drive the games are located on and the speed of said drive. And whether your CPU will bottleneck performance I am unsure of.
    This might help.
  4. Minecraft is completely CPU I believe, and I'm pretty sure it is, as I have the same card, and I don't even get 1% GPU Usage. As I have the same card, it goes at around 40fps at Ultra 1080p in Battlefield 3, however mine is clocked like a champ at 1400 Mhz Core and 1500 Memory, which is extremely close to performance levels of a 670.

    Skyrim is an extremely easy game to run, no need to worry about anything there, however its not very well optimised, so I recommend getting skyboost.

    Crysis 2, depends whether you run Dx9 with no HiRes Textures, or Dx11 with HiRes Textures. Either way, maxed out, at stock clocks my card handles this at around 40 fps, however on Crysis 1 maxed out at 1080p with 8x AA, I get as little as 9 fps when stock clocked. Obviously Crysis 1 is less optimised, but it looks much better.

    This card is one of my fave cards up to date, as the overclocking ability on the GPU is amazing, as you can see with my card, luckily enough I got a extremely high overclock, however it still heats up like crap. I tend to keep it on mild overclocks half the time, but when I need the extra fps I generally just ramp it up before I play.

    The card is only around 8 inches long, so if you have enough space for that in your case, it should fit.
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