Is this system compatible . Good ?

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  1. yeah it should all work pretty well together. It should work with any current gen i-series chip.

    FYI - your two graphics card will bottleneck because if you run them in SLI, the board will go from PCI-E x 16 to a PCI-E x8 since there is only 1 full x16 socket out of the 3. But don't worry, the difference is less than 5%. So it won't be something you will notice. Just a little heads up.
  2. All compatible and makes sense for each other.

    The reduced bandwidth that comes from running Crossfire/SLI wont be a problem. PCI- Gen2 x8 is enough for even the most powerful cards, and you have Gen3 8x slots on this (you will need an Ivy Bridge CPU to enable Gen3 though).
  3. you shouldnt be running SLI on a matx board. it gets really hot
  4. Thank you for the replies guys . Fast replies and a great forum . Thank you
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