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Hi guys
im looking at replacing my ARIAnet StealthX Black Midi Tower Gaming Case ( http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Cases/Midi+Tower/ARIAnet+StealthX+Black+Midi+Tower+Gaming+Case+?productId=47034 ) which is ok however its limited on cable management ect
ive narrowed my choice to 2 cases.. and these are :
1) Casecom KK-9949 Case ( http://www.ebuyer.com/390900-casecom-kk-9949-case-kk-9949 ) .. this is my personal favourite.. it reminds me of a silverstone type chassis,however im a bit unsure about the casecom name ... it looks great but will it fall apart within 6 months .
2) Aerocool X-Predator X1 Evil Black Gaming Case ( http://www.scan.co.uk/products/aerocool-x-predator-x1-evil-black-gaming-case-black-interior-12cm-orange-led-fan ) .. this is more expensive however it looks more robust and has usb3.0 front ports and a fan controller .... it interior is also nice including grommeted cable management holes
from what you can see is there anything wrong with the casecome KK-9949 .... and finally if you were choosing which would you select ....
many thanks guys
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  1. That's a personal choice. I personaly like the Aerocool more but that's just me. Cases are very subjetive matter :)
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