[Monitor] Turns black at everything i open!

Hello communauty! First of all let me clarify something , im new here and i dont know ALL the rules.

Second , i am french so do not expect a perfect perfect perfect english :)

My problem is : Whenever i open a new tab on my browser , open a game, hell open ANYTHING , my screen turns black. I've had my monitor for quite a good amount of years too.

My pc have 2 fan in it and i regulary clean it from dust with an air can and a dry towel.

What happen is : Lets say i open google chrome,well my monitor goes black , the pc ISNT frozen and everything is working as intented.

To be able to get the screen back to where it was (being able to see what im doing) i have to turn it off and on again. Im doing this for about 2 weeks and it starts to bug me to always do that.

I've never had this kind of problem before and im not sure if my monitor is dying or somethhing.

I've tried to ask some friends that are pretty good in informatics just to figure out they are good at coding and such. Not good at fixing material problems so here i am!

Ps : not sure if this is the right section for monitors :x
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  1. Noone can help?..
  2. 1. When you open a tab on google chrome things go bad. Does this happen on a different browser (say firefox or ie) ? If no then something is bad with chrome. Export settings, uninstall, install chrome again -- do not input setttings. try the web page, make sure works. Then input settings. Try page again -- if goes black then something is bad on your settings.
    2. Does the web page have flash or something else that will expose a bad copy of flash or a bad video driver? Check your plug-ins - make sure they are current.
    3. Is the broswer the only program having problems? Y- then its software. N- could be anything.
  3. I know i have a skype plug in that bugs ALOT but i dont know where to find it.

    Edit : It goes black even if my browser is off.
  4. what the monitor make and model? what the resolution and refresh rate settings on windows 7?
  5. @RGD : The monitor maker is Acer , I dont know where to find the model , And how can i find resolution and refresh rate?
  6. Update : Now turn black every 10 second if no action taken. Every 30 seconds if action taken , no matter what im doing. DOESNT CRASH DURING GAMES.

    All my drivers are up to date and all my cables are plugged.

    Still looking for help on how to get refresh rate and resolution from windows 7
  7. More info : Resolution is ; 1440x900 and the refresh rate is 60 hertz
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