I can't get 3 monitors to work

Hey all,
I'm seeking some help from the amazing folks in these forumns. I have a HP8740w with the Firepro 7820M graphics card. I have 3 Asus VH236 Monitors and I'm using the HP advanced docking station. I can't get all 3 monitors to work at the same time. I've tried the most recommended DVI+DVI=Display port (via adapter star tech DP2DVI2). I've tried several different combinations and nothing seems to work. I have 2 working now and a 3rd monitoring just sitting there reminding me of how beautiful it should be. Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. OK because you said 'docking station' I am assuming this is a laptop. Your laptop will only support 2 screens. If you want a third screen you will need a USB to VGA adapter, or something similiar.
  2. It is in fact a laptop but the advanced docking station has like 5 different monitor "outs" and I've also tried using the display port on the actual Laptop itself (while docked in addition to the DIV's on the docking station).
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