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Wireless router not detecting print server

I am using Tplink TL-WR940N wireless router and recently attached the TPLINK PS110P paralell print server with it. I run the installation wizard on my Windows 7 System. But my router doesnt detect print server...
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  1. You'll need to configure the port in the router to open it and dedicate it to the Print server.
    Then the OS and the Print server will be able to look across the router at each other and see one another.
    The router is not going to see it as a Print Server, it will see it as a client only, atleast not until you have told it thru the specific ports that it's a print server.
  2. Would u please explain me the procedure..How can I do that. I am doing this for the first time
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    You'' need to go thru the documentation of your router for that. And it's help file.
    Mine's very simple, I go the router main page, get to something called port forwarding, put in the IP of the Machine I want to see online or be seen across my network give the port number for the printer and that's it.
    Windows has default ports for every service so all you need to do is just check out it's port list to get the list of services and ports.
    Guiding you through the whole process will be very tedious and long.
    Try a few things yourself and then let us know the result we'll take you on from there.Hopefully.
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