Temp levels is this normal?

s it common to have my cores as follows non oced yet... 19 19 29 21 then under load 40 38 47 38 seems like that one core is almost 10 above the others all the time? bad? normal? didnt want to start over clocking if something is up
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    Your temps are perfectly normal :) If its an Intel chip, its a good idea to stay under 70C. the Tjmax for most desktop Intel chips is around 100C these days :)

    Regarding that one core showing 10C higher temp everytime, that is definitely just a faulty sensor on that core.....happens sometimes, nothing to worry about. My C0 stepping E8400 also shows one core constantly 8C higher than the other from idle to full load temps :)

    The simple reason why one single core can't be almost 10C hotter than the others is that the cores are placed so close to each other. If one core heats up, the the cores to the sides of it have to be within 5C of it.
  2. ah ic i was worried maybe a thermal paste issue... i have the hyper 212 plus with i5 3570k... i put a pea sized dot in the middle of it i was hoping i did it right its been over 24hours now think it will be ok?
  3. Like i said before, your temperatures are great :) Even that wrong 47C reading is perfectly cool....start worrying only if your temps reach near the vicinity of 70C under full load.

    Btw how are you getting those temp readings?
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  5. my 2500k has the same symptom. there are times core#2 runs about 6-7c on average higher while gaming, not a big deal, just stay under 70c
  6. so if i decide to oc to 4.2 u think i wont run into any problem?
  7. Core i5 3550 on stock cooler here, and core temp says the 4th core is like 6 degrees more than the first one. This is idle temp. Don't think it's a thermal paste issue.
  8. Try it at 4.0 and see how the temps are. Then 4.2 if it's safe. For ivy bridge they can get hotter than sandy which I would keep under 70c. Ivy can go a little higher temp wise.
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  10. Back in 2009, when i checked last, RealTemp used to be more accurate than Coretemp....don't know how things have changed over the years....but i'd trust RealTemp readings over CoreTemp :)
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