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I have an XFX Radeon HD 6790 video card.

I have two monitors connected to it: an Acer AT3265 connected to it via HDMI cable and an HP w2408h connected to it via DVI cable.

I am trying to have both displays showing at the same time with the Acer as the main monitor and the HP as the extended monitor.

In the AMD VISION Engine Control Center I cannot extend the display; attempting to do so creates an error box saying, "This operation is not supported based on current display configuration. For more details, please see Help" with an Ok button and a Help button; clicking Help brings up a page showing Help items. Going through these Help items shows several ways to duplicate or extend the second monitor, but none of them are working, are missing, or are greyed out.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Assuming you are on win7, right-click on the desktop and got to properties. You can move the monitors around with your mouse and change main to extended
  2. I have done so; upon clicking Apply, a popup is produced that states, "Unable to save display settings."
  3. I think you have either a problem with your driver installation or you are working with a limited account that has no rights to change this settings.
  4. I just installed these monitors on a new installation of Windows 7 with the latest drivers for the video card; I also have full Administrative rights on the computer.
  5. Thank-you for the link, but none of that worked.
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