New PSU? or No?

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  1. Yea you will be fine.

    As a side note. Save some money and get 8gb of ram. You won't need 16gb.
    Also that case is kinda pricey for this build.

    If you get 8gb of ram and a cheaper case, you can use that money to upgrade to a Radeon 7850. Your gaming experience will be much better (if thats what you are doing with this build)
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    Yes, you'll be fine, the 7770 just needs 19A on the +12v rail, that psu has more than that(combining the amps of the two rails,it can deliver the power specified on the two of them, the maximum tdp of the card is around ~80W, that system will not draw more than ~250W at full load.
  3. Thanks for the help.
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