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i want to buy a 22 inch 1920 x 1080 monitor from curry's to connect to my laptop with a vga to vga connector, however my laptop only supports resolutions up to 1366 x 768.... if i get this monitor will it cut part of the screen off / affect quality and text in any way... important because i dont want to waste £100
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  1. You should be able to set it up as an extended desktop (ie not a duplicate of the laptop internal screen) and it will show full pixels, at 1920 x1080.
  2. i will want to keep the laptop shut but cant afford a desktop atm that's the reason i want a monitor. Basically imitating a desktop, but thanks for the advice, if i bought the monitor and it wasnt what i wanted would i be able to return? cheers again
  3. im doing exactly what you plan on doing right now. i dont see much of a image quality decrease though. for my computer (an acer :(), there are no black bars
  4. @TheBigTroll is your laptop resolution the same as mine, and what monitor is it /size if you don't mind me asking
  5. my laptop resolution is 1366x768 exactly like yours. my monitor is a asus pa238qr which is 1080p. the monitor runs at 768p but it is full screen. the monitor adjusts accordingly to display 768p. i dont see a decrease in sharpness though.

    im pretty sure you can adjust the resolution on the laptop to make it 1080p but i havent done it yet
  6. thanks mate, what monitor is it? im going to be getting a usb hub and microsoft sidewinder X4 keyboard aswell:D birthday in 20 days
  7. If you can adjust the video to put out 1920x1080, you would have a much clearer view on the screen. The monitor is designed with a native 1928x1080 resolution, and when it adjusts down, it will not be as clear - it may look a little fuzzy. Is the 1366 x 768 a limitation of the laptop screen, or the laptops video card?
  8. if it is intergrated graphics on a laptop, dont bother with 1080p output. i cant even play cod at 768p with intergrated hd graphics (first gen hd graphics suck)

    @jordanmc: yeah my monitor has 4 usb outputs using a intergrated hub. you will have to plug in a usb cable to the system though

    i cant find the QR but the Q is about the same (the q is a better version of the qr with calibration and quick fit. quick fit helps when you try to make a document and scale it accordingly to the printed size)

    kinda expensive
  9. ss202sl i go into the graphics by pressing ctrl + alt + f12 and the limit is 1366 x 768 on laptop screen
  10. then there is no problem then
  11. i only want to play minecraft/tf2 and watch youtube, il use my xbox to play cod XD
  12. Except he doesn't want screen scaling. Jordanmc, if your laptop outputs only 1366x768, then your new monitor is going to look blurry and not as clean as it could.

    Who makes the graphics on the laptop? Intel, nvidia or amd?
  13. INTEL
  14. It should run at full res using the extended desktop options.
  15. The extended desktop option extends the display? i want the display on the external monitor running off my laptop as if it's a desktop
  16. LOL its meant as an extension of the desktop on the laptop. See, if you do it clone mode, the new monitor will go to the highest shared resolution between them - 1366x768, no bueno.

    If you can set the primary display, you could make the new screen full size at 1080p, and everything will work fine. That requires the graphics on board to support this, which it may not.
  17. ohhhh you mean set the monitor as the main display so that the start screen ect are on the monitor and the extended part displayed on the laptop? sorry im a noob
  18. Yes, correct. But sometimes the laptop won't let you change the primary off of the laptops screen.

    No worries, Jedis were once padawans... :)
  19. If after all that it doesn't work would i be able to take back to curry's and get a refund? i dont want to be £100 out of pocket
  20. That's between you and the currys. Why don't you bring the laptop in and try it? Surely they have display models. Surely one of your friends has a monitor or you do to test this out with a monitor before you buy one?
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