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i have Asus M4A88T-M mobo with AMD Phenom II X5 955. i purchased a year back. m thinking of upgrading my graphic card
Can u plz suggest me which 1 supports my system
mu budget is around $180-$200
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  1. You could look at a HD 6870. I think it would match up with your system well and it's in your price range.
  2. A 7850 would be a good choice but that is at least $220. If you not willing to pay that much a 7770 whould be the way to go then.

    not sure how the 7770 compares to the 6870 though.
  3. thank u guys.i'll chk the specs of above cards n decide which 1 2 go for......
    thnks a lot
  4. Make sure your psu is up to what ever you're gonna choose.
  5. What gpu do you use now btw ?
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