Is this CPU Keeping the MOBO from Posting?

Hello, I just Purchased a ASROCK A785GM-LE. I installed Everything, Triple Checked it all and the MOBO will power up for about 2 seconds and Shut off. I have used a backup 850W PSU, there is no other Hardware hooked us such as a GPU. The Processor is a AMD Phenom HD9600WCJ4BGD The only Time I can get the MOBO to stay on is to unplug the 12v CPU 4pin Power. My Guess is this is a CPU Problem but the CPU is Good Just checked it as well. Also the CPU is on the Motherboard CPU support List HERE:, Any Ideas from the Community?
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  1. maybe a bad motherboard, the support list for the phenom I x4s support all for every bios, and if u tested the psu, and cpu and they both work then it must be the motherboard. Did u put the cpu in the correct way? everything plugged in correctly? u use a speaker? i believe the beeps should tell the problem.
  2. I didn't get any beeps from the motherboard, I know the case doesn't have a motherboard speaker so maybe that's why I didn't hear any beeps during the power up. And thanks for the quick reply I really appreciate the help.
  3. Hi styx cosidering buying this board for a small server project and was wondering how large a hdd it will support...any help would be great ....thanx
  4. I wanted to post an update. Turns out the Processor was Bad. I tested the mobo with a old sempron and it booted up Just fine. Thanks for all of your help.
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