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I recently installed new networking equipment in the house. these are the issues i am having, housemates Xbox would not connect when he turned it on. about 2 min later it would go online.

Wired printer would not print when turned on but after waiting awhile it would print.

I solved the above to problems by enabling port fast for the spanning-tree protocol on the ports these devices were pluged into and also enabled switch port mode 'access'

Wifi router can be pinged by wifi devices and wifi devices can ping all wired devices, wired devices can not ping the wifi router or any computers on the router.

The ports with port fast now take about 15 seconds to come up from a down state and other ports with out port fast take about 45 seconds. its worth noting that only the xbox and printer get shut off all the time.

Does anyone see anything wrong with the following setup and how to make wifi access lan devices. (i was thinking of using the second wan port on the router and linking it to the wan port on the netgear)

cable modem > (on the internet port, DMZ port is open) Linksys dual WAN RV042 router > Cisco 2950C 24 port switch > all wired devices (Xbox, printer, 4 desktops, TV, a second passive switch) A cat6 stp goes out via PVC conduit to the top 2 floors of the house and into a junction box with a 5 port switch that then feeds 2 desktops and another switch with 17 computers on it (thats my little area).
port 24 on this switch goes out to a netgear WGR614v8 wireless router via a direct cat5 with POE and is attached to the wall into the netgears WAN (Internet) port. this router only handles wifi, no wired lines.

I tried to make this router a WAP however it does not appear to have this capability, only a wifi repeater. wifi signal strength is 54 down stairs and most of the 3rd floor but about 36-18 upstairs. i think i may need a second wifi repeater to deal with that. One laptop in the house witch is panasonic is experiencing network disconnects, i have a dell, toshiba, and compaq that do not experience such issues so i assume its the comps wifi card

The linksys runs DHCP with mac address static ip addressing for all wired devices presently on the network.

I have no issue with any of my comps or the desktops down stairs or the TV. the Xbox and printer issues i think i have solved.

all wired boxes are all wifi is

oppinions and ideas to solve the file sharing dilemma?
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  1. Whats the reason for the RV042 router? Are you using both WAN ports on it?
    I would turn off DHCP on the Netgear wireless router. This will put all computers on the same network.

    Here's how I would set it up:
    Run DHCP off the RV042 and turn off DHCP on the other routers. Alternatively you could do away with the RV042 and connect the WGR614V8 directly after the cable modem. From there to the 2950 then to the rest of the devices.
  2. i wanted to turn off the DHCP on the netgear however i cant seem to make its wifi function with out it on. there is an option to make it a wifi repeater but not a WAP, the netgear cant go where the 2950 is as its in a basement and very poor wifi signal escapes.

    I was thinking of connecting the netgear to the 2nd WAN port on the rv042 instead of a port on the switch. linking the 2 WAN ports (1 on the RV and the internet port on the netgear) using a 10.10.1.X network and then continuing the 192.168.XXX.X for the work stations.
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