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How's Auzentech Doing?

February 17, 2013 6:10:50 PM

Just wondering if i can get an opinion from my fellow audiophiles. I was just poking around on Auzentech's website to see if anything interesting had happened, and I'm becoming a bit alarmed at the lack of activity in any shape or form surrounding them. NewEgg hasn't carried their cards for years now, the only thing available on Amazon is the X-Studio, and Ebay doesn't even have any new Auzen cards except for the same X-Studio and one seller of the Bravura in Canada. Their online store has been down for maintenance for as long as I've been checking it.

Now, I love my X-Fi Forte to death, and wouldn't trade it for anything... well.. maybe a Xonar Essence STX... or a Claro Halo... that's not the point. It's an amazing card. Where has Auzentech gone? I pray to god that this thing doesn't die on me, because it would basically mean buying a replacement off of NewEgg. Any thoughts? Think they'll ever come back around to being a prominent company? I know some of you guys love them just as much as I do... ;) 

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