$500 budget gaming PC

Going to build my friend a new gaming PC and could use some advice on an AMD based system. Would it be better to go with a Phenom or FX based system? I'm looking at getting a 7770 or a 7850 (if budget allows).

This budget only applies to the PC. He doesn't need an OS, monitor, or inputs.
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    You have 3 options:
    #1: Phenom ii x4
    #2: i3 2120
    #3: Pileriver (if ti's ever released)

    As for the gpu, i would go with a 6850.
  2. I might try to convince him to wait until Piledriver is out before we start ordering parts. On the 6850 vs. 7770 vs. 7850: is it simply a matter of price to performance ratio?
  3. you could also use the piledriver-derived Trinity parts. an A10-5800K is fairly competitive with an i3-3220
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  5. AMD build: (7850 included in budget)

    Best you will get for the budget in an AMD build. An Intel build will be slightly better in respect to gaming only.

    The mobo here is am3+ so you will be able to upgrade to piledriver if it ever comes out.
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