Sound crackling in Various Gamws

hi there, i am wondering if you can help me?
I am not too sure what my problem is, but when I am playing some PC games, The sound seems to 'top out' , it clicks and crackles when there is a constant sound in the game, e.g. it's more noticable when it's raining, when a vehicle drives past the camera, or i'm shooting a gun, in various different games.

I notice it on Far Cry 3, OMSI Bus Simulator, The new Sim City (Beta), aswell as others, but not Hitman Absolution or other games that run via Steam (not sure if thats relevant). watching Videos on YouTube seems to be ok, even of the same games causing me trouble.

I have a Creative SB X Fi sound card with driver from 2008, because i cannot find a newer driver because i don't know exacrly what card i have.
I also use a USB Gamescom 780 Headset as my default 'speakers'.
My graphics card is an AMD HD 5970 with the latest drivers (last week)

If anyone can help me with this problem I would greatly appreciate it,
thanks, Adam
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    It sounds like EMI (electro-magnetic interference) is plaguing you here. I might suggest you give this 'fix' a try and see if it helps
    At least that seems to fit since the activities that cause that also are high GPU stressors, I say EMI from the GPU. Another option, if you have a slot further from the graphics card than the sound card is currently, you might move the sound card there
    Hope it helps
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