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Whats amd's best Cpu out right now for gaming and HD video editing?
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  1. Fx 8350 for desktop non server cpu
  2. So am i aloud to take my old cpu out and drop in one of these? will anything bad happen to my computer?
  3. Be sure to check if your mobo is AM3+ and you are good to go
  4. or one of the few am3 890fx boards with bio update for fx. the 8350 will not worth with am2/am2+. Certain am2+ boards take am3 and could then go with an PIIX6 if ur on am2+ platform, or upgrade to am3+ to go with the 8350
  5. Well i have the amd 8150 right now on A crosshair V formula board right now
  6. Oh then update the bios with the 8150 for the 8350, and ur set, as im guessing its not the "Z" crosshair V that was released for Win 8 and comes with piledriver bios alrdy on the board
  7. im still very new when it comes to upgrading a computer so how will i know everything went smoothly after i take my old cpu out and put the new one in?
  8. Windows starts loading, gets past post, cpu shows up in bios at its default settings, either at the stock clock or whatever cool n quiet sets it at if enabled.

    U will need bios 1703, which i think shows u in the bios, or download cpu-z and it'll show u. If u need to update, download the update from asus, use asus updater and go from there. Need to do this with the 8150, make sure its successful and then swap out the cpu.
  9. Ok thanks for all your help. just one last question what do you recommend as a great liquid cooling system for the cpu? my case is the ThorV2 its a pretty big case
  10. h100 is a great cooler but whats your budget on the cooler the h100 is about $100
  11. No Budget(:
  12. closed loop? like the h100? or custom liquid cooling?
  13. idk whats the difference?
  14. high end air coolers perform just as good as lets say a H100 or a closed loop cooler.

    Custom liquid cooling costs alot and cools alot better than a closed loop. U have to refill the liquid every so often, etc but i havent done one before nor have look them up. So if u go closed loop go ahead but many high end air coolers do the same thing for cooling.
  15. Going from the 8150 to the 8350 is not worth $200 imo. The difference in performance is not that big
  16. Sell the 8150 for $100 and its a $100 upgrade. OP seems set on a new cpu, as the no budget for liquid cooling lol
  17. OK now that makes sense. I would buy him the 8150 for myself if that what he wants to do
  18. lazyboy947 said:
    Sell the 8150 for $100 and its a $100 upgrade. OP seems set on a new cpu, as the no budget for liquid cooling lol

    hmm then get a fx 8320 and and CM 212evo should be able to oc it to 4.5(-+ 0.2) .
  19. If you have no budget get an extreme11 + 3970x :D

    But seriously 8350 is only 10% faster than a bulldozer, plz wait till the steamroller in Q1 2014 :) An 8150 will survive until then...
  20. Why not just overclock the 8150? No AMD CPU is really worth the upgrade from it.
  21. Since I was going to ask something along these lines, I'll just jump in here. I have an 1100t in my AM3+ board and was wondering whether any of the current AM3+ CPUs are worth the money to upgrade to.

    My main complaint about the 1100t is that it's incapable of allowing my RAM to go at full speed without some northbridge (I think) overclocking, which I don't really feel compelled to do.
  22. Eh no AMD CPU is worth the upgrade from the 1100t either.
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