Replacement fan for GeForce GT240


Can I get a replacement fan for my GeForce GT240 (Picture: anywhere? And if so, where :D

If this turns to be not so easy, which other fan could I mount on the cooler?

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  1. i highly doubt you can given its 3 generations ago and that its a lower end card.

    you could buy a aftermarket heatsink though
  2. Since you are suggesting a heatsink only, do you think this GPU would still work if passively cooled only?

    I am not running highly demanding software on it, just Googleearth every now and then.
  3. Well, you can always try. I'd suggest HWMonitor for temperature monitor. Don't let the card get hotter than 75°C.

    Just by the way: aftermarket heatsinks come with fans. That's heatsink + fan bundle.

    Lastly, you could always get a replacement card:
  4. Nvidia says the limit for this GPU is 105°C and it heated up to 99 yesterday and up to ~90 today. So it could work maybe. However, the case was open during these tests... On the other hand, I guess that the fan is broken for a few weeks already...

    Thanks for the info that heatsinks come with a fan.

    A replacement card is not an option here since it is an office computer at work. I am just seeking a cheap solution after I called the IT department today and they have written down "pen in graphics card broken" after I told her three times "FAN of the ..."
  5. 99°C is way too hot. The card might survive for some time (like few weeks), but it might fry other components in your computer. I would not use that graphics card if I were you.

    And since it's work computer.. I suppose you have to use it. Oh well, they will have some replacing to do when it damages something!
  6. yeah. you might have to find a aftermarket heatsink for the card
  7. But why do Nvidia then say "max. temperature = 105C" on their website for that GPU?

    Could I also just mount another fan into the existing heatsink instead of replacing the whole heatsink?

    Yes, they have to replace it, but they are famously incompetent and I don't want to be without a working computer for too long. We are running Linux here and at some point we had a software problem and called them: "Go to the start bar, please", "This is Linux, there is no start bar." --> "I don't know what to do then :heink: "
  8. at 105c, thermal protection kicks in and shuts the card down i believe
  9. I forgot to mention... At the moment, a big blower under my desk is cooling that graphics card down to ~45 - 55 C without problem... So no danger here...

    I am just seeking a quick solution which avoids having my whole computer replaced just because one single component is slightly damaged...
  10. Where can I find aftermarket heatsinks?
  11. quick solution: get a new card

    longer solution:get a aftermarket heatsink and slap it on

    longest solution: get your guys to do it
  12. Thank you for your help!
  13. make sure that you get the one that supports the gt240 or else it wont work

    also, is your gt240 a reference design? if it isnt, these coolers wont work
  14. just buy a cheap card rather than a replacement cooler
  15. just use some string and a case fan.
  16. raytseng said:
    just use some string and a case fan.

    yeah that wont work.

    hey, someone managed a corsair h60 onto a graphics card and it worked
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