CPU Core speed spiking down please help !

After upgrading from a AMD athlon 64fx x2 4200+ to the 6000+ witch is a 1.6ghz CPU power increase I expected a larger FPS gain in the games I play & performance overall, I have to say I did not notice as much as I thought I would.

I get the same frame rate as my dad who has the same processor I used to have ( 1.6ghz slower ) in every other way our computers are identical. I am wondering what is going on, So doing some investigations I have learned about RAM speed, Is my mhz of my ram bottlenecking my CPU ? My ram is DDR2 400mhz I have 4gb ( windows 7 32 bit )

I opened up speccy & Watched my core speed & noticed I get huge drop spikes, I am wondering what this is from ? Also this processor got put in by the shop I bought it from who did the swap, Is there something in bios when booting up the PC I need to change to get full advantage of the processor here or whats going on ?

Any help is greatly appreciated ! Thanks in advance guys. I really want to get the most out of this aging rig as possible & I thought a 1.6ghz CPU increase would help more than it did maybe you all can help me I really hope so, Here are some screen caps.

My CPU specs :


Core @ normal :


Core drop spikes :

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  1. lots of views no replys ?
  2. My ram is DDR2 400mhz I have 4gb ( windows 7 32 bit ) 32 bit windows can only use about 3.5 to 3.75 gigs of the ram due to the 32 bit OS limitation.

    Why didn't you use 64 bit.Can it use more ram?
  3. I dont own a 64 bit copy of windows 7, Would that help at all ? That with a increse in ram mhz to 800mhz ram ?
  4. They are both dual core cpu's so that isn't much of an upgrade.
  5. It's dual channel ram so you have X2 =400 X2 = 800mhz
  6. You really won't benefit much with Windows 7 64 bit upgrade because you only have 4 gigs of ram.
  7. My ram is kingston pc2-6400 (400mhz) Would it help if I increased to 800mhz & went up to 6gb and did a installation of 64 bit windows ? If so how much would the performance gain be ?
  8. How much ram does your motherboard support?
  9. It supports 16gb ddr2 max 800mhz ram, It only has 2 slots though :/
  10. What motherboard do you have?Link to it if possible?
  11. Looks like your at your ram limit,they never updated the bios to support ram modules larger than 2 gb per slot.Upgradeing your ram from 400 to 800 will offer no real world performance boost.Sorry.
  12. wow that sucks, thanks though
  13. Your welcome.
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