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So since i built my first custom pc everything has been working great but I came back to day and I started it up and for some reason it won't let me get past my BIOS. I've been reading it up and it says it could be a faulty harddrive or ram, and I set my overclock to UEFI defaults to see if that would help but no. so does anyone have any suggestions to help me.
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  1. update. I checked every ram module still no results can someone please help me ?!?
  2. Check the hdd, make sure everything is plugged in. See if its powering on, if theres no power or sata connection it would cause windows not to load and maybe sit at the bios. Since u tested ram, and u can still see bios guessing ur gpu works, and only thing i can think other than hdd would possibly be a cpu.

    I see ur board has the debug led, what is it displaying when u power on? read ur manual to find what code ur getting. if it stalls on one code thats ur issue.
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