120 MM fan not making a difference in my case?

I have a fractal design 1000 micro atx case, with a 120mm fan at the front bring air into the case, a 80mm fan on the rear bringing air out of the case and a 120mm on the side bringing air into the case.

Now, my problem is, the 120mm fan on the side of the case was the one I added on last (order was 120mm at front, then 80mm on rear, then 120mm on side.) And it is bringing air into the case, however, I have not noticed any changes in temperatures for my components like my GPU, should I change it to bringing air out of the case? Thanks.
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  1. You should have a 92mm fan on the rear of the case blowing air out, one like this would be a good choice, Antec 761345-75093-6 92mm 3-Speed Case Cooling Fan
  2. Nah, the rear isn't the problem, actually made a big difference, the fan in question is the 120mm on the side.
  3. It really also depends on the cooler on your GPU and your CPU. Some coolers take more advandtage of air than others. If you got reference and stock cooling, then it's quite difficult lowering the temperatures, by adding more intake fans.
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