MOBO/CPU/RAM Upgrade - ~$300

So I want to upgrade my current MOBO, CPU and RAM. Current specs are: MOBO - BIOSTAR TF560 A2; CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6 GHz; 4GB RAM.

Goal is to get best frame rate on WoW since thats really all I do on this machine. Video card is a GTX 550 Ti that I bought last year so that won't be upgraded anytime soon. SSD around Christmas hopefully. Oh and no overclocking so hopefully that saves me a little dough.

Don't care AMD or Intel, although I've been told Intel would be better. Trying to stay under $250-300.

MOBO: I've looked at Z77s...

CPU: I've looked at i5-3450s...

RAM: Can get some cheap stuff for now, get the wife off my back about spending too much right now, upgrade around Christmas.

Whats critical? What can I get a little cheaper thats not gonna slow me down?
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  1. Really? Nobody had any advise? Is there a better place to ask this?? Anyone....
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