Finalizing Parts To Buy for my 1st Game/school computer

First Off I would like to give special thanks to jrgong and TheBigTroll earlier for helping me with components for my first time build.

I just chose parts based on their recommendations. It would be nice if anyone can look at the list to see If anything needs changing before I order the parts!

Case: $120

CPU + MOBO: $340

PSU: $90 after rebate

cooler: $30

SSD: $100

HDD: $100

RAM: 16GB (2x8) 1600MHz : $60 after rebates

GPU: $220 after rebates:

Total: $1,100

This is my first time Building a computer and If an extra $100 can make the build much better in the long run then I'm willing to do that.

thank you very much all
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  1. Every thing looks good, but I would scale down to 8 gigs of ram. 8 is more than enough unless you're going to be doing some heavy video editing.
  2. What about an optical drive and good cooling fans?
  3. scottiemedic said:
    What about an optical drive and good cooling fans?

    I have extra optical drives

    and good cooling fans can be added later.

    Any suggestions on good cooling fans with maybe Blue LED?
  4. Roger that, then hit the "Continue to Checkout" button :)
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