GT 630/GT 640/GT 440 on 320w psu

Hello everyone. I have a 320 watt psu made by gigabyte with a intel intergrated gpu and im thinking of putting one of the Nvidia GT 630/GT 640/GT 440 graphics cards in my box. However im worried about the power I have and I simply do not have the money to purchase another psu. I plan to play games like empire/napoleon total war and arma 2 as well as fsx. Will the psu be enough and willl the above cards be able to play the desired games decently (not on max e.t.c). I need to know as im on a tight budget and can you recomend any better but similar cards that will work on the mentioned PSU? Thanks.
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  1. If you are looking to game, the 6670 is going to be faster than any of the cards listed. Its about on par with the GT640, but is $20 cheaper.

    It should run on your PSU, but what are the amps on your 12V rail?

    And I've played Arma2 (DayZ I'm guessing) on my 6670 which is the same one I posted.

    EDIT: If you were willing to spend $110 on a 640, then the 7750 would be a better choice. Its faster than the 6670 and GT640 and uses less power than both.
  2. I have got 18 amps on the 12v rail and im running a core i3 540 processor. I may be able to get the 7750 but will not be able to change the psu......................320w kinda sucks
  3. as long as your psu is not some generic psu from random manufacturer then it should be able to handle the card you mention above very well
  4. If you were to upgrade the PSU with the graphics card, say getting a HD6850, you could have really good performance in games like Arma 2 that are oddly demanding.

    What does the rest of your computer look like?
  5. i3 540 3.06 ghz, 2gb ram (can take care of) , motherboadrg gigabyte -h55m-s2v
    windows 7 32bit (i know), running off the cpu's intergrated card, PSU is gigabyte gc320. thanks 4 the arma 2 replay's, gonna enjoy arrowhead. I need to know more on fsx and empire total war with regards to the gt640, 630 and the 7750.
  6. I cant seem to find your power supply anywhere.

    The 630 is not worth buying at its price. The 7750 is much faster than the 640.
  7. the psu is not purchasable as a seperate item but rather if you buy the gigabyte m1 chassis that comes with it (alouth you can buy just the case alone) anyway the main point is that will the 7750 be able to run fsx and empire total war well enough now that ive recognised that 320w will be good enough? Arma 2 I may be able to run on normal but what about the others?
  8. I'm confused. I can't find your exact computer on the internet anywhere.

    A 7750 would run on 320W, but I'm trying to see if you can upgrade your power supply. I'm assuming youve already bought the computer.
  9. its not a pre built computer like HP or dell. Its custom built and bought from a computer shop who bought parts and put them together to make a pc. At that time I wasnt gaming so I didnt need a video card (Work). I can upgrade my psu if I had the money, but I dont. The psu came with the chassis. everything else was bought seperatly and assembled by a computer shop.
  10. In that case, then 7750 would be a strong choice.
  11. im running the 7750 in a dell on a 300 w psu so you will be able to run it also 7750 doesnt require power connectors u just need to plug straight into pci slot
  12. The 7750's relative low power consumption and being directly powered off any standard PCI Express slot instead of a PSU adapter make it the obvious choice. If your PSU still end's up being underpowered after switching to the 7750 then there are 480W ATX PSU's on microcenter for around $25. At 1280 x 720 with a couple of AMD Vision settings set to "quality" and using Lost Planet 2 bench-testing tool, ON MY SYSTEM (FX-6300 @ 3.5GHz) using a 7750 video card it benchmarked to 58 fps accross the board during "Test A" and 43 fps on average during "Test B" which hovered mostly around 30 fps during the last 1/4 of the "Test B" run, so that's what you can expect although "your mileage may vary ;) ".
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