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:kaola: Hey Tom's Hardware community!

I'm a newcomer and to be honest I have made a hell of a useful amount of trips to this site which have lead me to great help to solve some computer issues so I finally decided to sign up and ask a question.

My computer specs may be old since why I need to ask for opinions of what parts I should upgrade for a decent computer for 2013 :P

- Processor - Quad Core - iNTEL - Q8200 - 2.33ghz or altogether (9.32 ghz)

- Motherboard - ASUS P5QL Pro - LGA775 Socket

- RAM - 6GB DDR2 800mhz (Although CPU-Z says DRAM Frequency 399.8MHZ and I don't know if that will change anything)

- Graphics Card - ATi Radeon HD 5670 - 1GB GDDR5

- HDD - Samsung 1TB

- Power Supply - Some generic 500W power supply for ATX's

- Cooler Fan - Arctic Cooler Pro 13

So I just wanted to gather opinions and most games run about high'ish on my computer.

Battlefield 3 - Runs about Medium/High mixed smoothly
Crysis 2 - Runs on Gamer so about High/V.High
GTA IV & episodes - Runs about High and minimal options of Medium (being water or unneeded options)
Saints Row 3 - High End Options but not V.High
Dead Space 2 - Full settings no lag

But if there is anymore that you guys need to know, just drop me a message, i'll be a constant checker on messages and posts back :P

I'm glad to be a part of the community.

Thanks a bunch!

Asad. P
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  1. PSU Processor and Motherboard, I say PSU purely because going with a generic one can be risky and you could damage parts if it became faulty.
  2. And then upgrade the graphics card
  3. Thanks for the quick reply xD
    Wait, shall I stick with a S775 since I don't have the money to upgrade full to a 1155 yet :D
  4. Well intel's new architecture will be coming out fairly soon, probably around June, so the 1155 socket processors may go down in price :)
  5. I would recommend just the graphics card (and a suitable power supply) or everything.
  6. Thanks simon12, I would recommend to myself more to go for the PSU and the GPU for now so this forum has really helped me.
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