Is this pc good for gaming?

I am planning on building a gaming pc for playing high graphic games. I am wondering if a pc with these components will play BF3 ultra 1080p on good fps (more than 40) and I am also wondering what are the best graphics I can put when playing crysis 3 with 40 to 50 fps.
Also, i would like to know how much mb cache is needed for the internal hardrive.
Thanks in advance (:

(will the power supply be enough?)

CPU: amd fx 6300

GPU: Gigabyte gtx 660 (non-ti)


Power Supply: 500 w

RAM: 8gb

HDD: 500 gb 7200 rpm
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  1. First off your PSU will be enough for your build.
    I found this on youtube, its BF3 with a 660 non ti:
    Min FPS-34 Max FPS-44 Average FPS-41

    Im not really sure about cache on a hard drive. Ive seen that cache depends on the hard drive size so i dont think it will reall matter that much.

    Another video I found. 660 non ti tested on Crysis 3:
    You could get a gtx 670 if you fancy
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