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Hello, for awhile now I've been dealing with random crashes where my computer instantly becomes unresponsive. The audio cuts out and the screen just freezes. I have to manually power down or else it will just remain in that frozen state. I never get a blue screen, nor does the video cut out. I've been dealing with this problem for about 8 months, and I really don't think I can handle it anymore. It doesn't do it any specific time. I could be web browsing, playing a game, or even just afk and my PC being idle. It will even happen before my PC gets to windows. So far I've tried replacing my hard drive, video card, and power supply, and none of this fixed my problem. I ran memtest with a dual channel kit and let it do 7 passes and everything was fine, but I've yet to run each stick individually. If anyone could give me some insight on what my problem might be or something else I could try out I would much appreciate it.

M489GTD Pro/USB3
AMD Phenom II x4 955
Corsair 650TX
x2 WD 320GB HDD
4GB DDR3 Ripjaws
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  1. run the memtest one stick at the time with only the hdd that have the os on
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