Beep from monitor??? - Is it PSU

Intel G630 2.7ghz
2gb RAM
Local 500w PSU
Gigabyte H61 Motherboard
Samsung 17'' syncmaster 793roblem? Is it the power supply or the monitor. The psu is new and barely 10days old but the monitor is nearly 6yrs old.

I noticed the problem a few days back. When I switch on the monitor a loud long beep sound comes from it. The beep sound stays for a few seconds and the gradually goes away. The sound comes only and only when the monitor is switched on and goes away when it is switched off. What's the problem??

I am going to get a new HD 6770. If its the PSU I must change it before any harm to my system.
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  1. Isolate your pc and monitor by unplugging one and turning one on and repeat it wiht the other one.
    Can I get more information about your monitor, its brand number or whatever you call it
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