Is it possible to have 2 seperate graphics cards?

So I'm presently waiting for some of my pc parts to arrive and i thought i would give my current 9800gt to a friend of mine so he can have a better experience while gaming instead of using his quadro 400.

I was wondering: Can he have both of these graphics card at the same time in his pc, but only use 1 at a time?

if so, how would it work? would he need to SLI, would he need to go in the nvidia control panel or would he only need to change the card in which his monitor is plugged in?
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    He can have both the cards in his PC if he has a PCIE slot he can use it for it but you cannot SLi them as they are not the same model. You cannot switch between them as they will both be active and the only point would be to allow you to connect more monitors.
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  3. ok thanks for the answer
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