HP Heatsink Fan Speed?

I just got a new HP H9 Phoenix 1420t. i7 3770k

CPUID is saying Fanin0 is running about 3300 rpm all the time. and Fanin0 about 950 RPM. FANS PWM CPU is 37%, System FAN 1 is 20% and FAN 2 is 49%

Is this normal? At idle the CPU temp is 29C
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  1. Uh, I think something might be screwed up.. 3300RPM is insanely high, you'd be able to hear that thing from across the street. And if that's only like 30-50%, yea that doesn't make sense. And I doubt your running 29C idle on a stock cooler.. So I think somethings screwed up imo
  2. Are the fans really really loud, do they sound like an jet plane taking off? I doubt the fan is really running that high,if it was there would be no mistaken it because it would be very loud. What is the BIOS saying the fan speeds are?
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