First build, MSI twin frozr 7850 not detected..

the title says it all really. I have no idea what to do, the card is in a x16 lane, power is connected, I can plug my hdmi cable into the video card slot and I recieve a signal, the fans still spin... i've used driver fusion to take off my drivers. the funny thing is when I use the amd driver auto detect to install my drivers, it detects the card and says "Radeon HD 7xxx Series PCIe". DxDiag it just says that it's the standard vga graphics adapter, along with the device manager. i've tried going into the uefi thingy and changing the thing off of the integrated graphics and to the GPU, it still doesn't work..

can someone please help, i've been stuck with this problem for hours.. it's my first build so everything is brand new.

also, one last thing to add on. when I attempt to install amd catalyst suite and install the display drivers, my screen messes up bad.
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  1. Did you make sure to save the changes to the bios when you disabled the integrated graphics?

    If you have one available, try the card in a different machine - preferrably one without integrated graphics.
  2. yep i definitely changed it.. no other desktops to try it in.

    it's weird, because this is what GPU-Z says
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