Sapphire Radeon HD7870 vs Asus HD7870 DC2 2GD5

Hello, Internet.

I'm presently planning to buy a custom gaming computer and at the point where I have to select my graphic card, I decided to got with the Radeon HD 7870. However, I can't decide between the Sapphire and the Asus versions. I looked around on other review sites and forums, and people seem to go more with the Sapphire than the Asus, but the Asus is 22,63$ cheaper.

Also, I am buiding my new gaming computer using the PC Builder at (Yes, I am canadian...). Is that a good idea? I don't really feel like buying parts from multiple stores, but I still want a good, powerful, affordable gaming computer.

Thanks in advance for your expertise!
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    i would say go with the cheaper one because there really is not a whole lot of a difference unless you are planning on overclocking in which case yoou should probably go with the saphire. just double check the specks of both cards to make sure they are the same other than the brand name. also i dont know where you are looking but from what i have seen most asus 7870 cards are more exspensive.
  2. If the ASUS is $22 cheaper, you should go for it because there will not be much of a difference as they are both 7870s.
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  4. hmm...thinking of buying a hd 7870 too...looked many reviews around....was going for the Sapphire edition...but wat i've read the asus was slightly better in performance 6900pts vs 6200pts on benchmarks as well as it got DCII which the sapphire don't have i think...correct me if i'm wrong...sry it seems i can't find the link of comparison between all the hd 7870...i'll post if i find ....
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