Opteron bottleneck GPU's?

I am considering getting an Opteron as my workstation. I like to game too. I have a 670 and I am concerned that with using the Opteron I might bottleneck the GPU. I can't find any answers online. Thanks guys!
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  1. What opteron is rlly the question u should be asking. Games prefer a higher clock speed than most server cpus come with, as well as a good single thread performance over a server cpus multi thread performance. A sixteen core 2.8Ghz 6386 SE in games prob wont be the same as lets say the 6308 quad core @ 3.5Ghz lol Really if its a current gen opteron a bottleneck should not occur at a decent clock speed as they are based off bulldozer and piledriver
  2. shouldnt be a problem depending on what gpu u deceide to use.
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