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Hi, I have an msi fx600
Intel Core i5-450M Processor, Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, 15.6" TFT-LCD Display (LED Backlight), NVIDIA GeForce GT 325M Discrete Graphics Card (DDR3 1GB VRAM)
4GB DDR3 System Memory, 500GB Hard Drive, MSI TDE Technology

Guild Wars 2 is coming up and for some reason my graphics card isn't good enough for it. So I was wondering about vidocks, right now I don't have the money to get and build a desktop which is a future project of mine.

So it came to mind that I should look at vidocks, any recommendations on what I should get?
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  1. I hadn't actually heard about viDock's until now, but I just read over their webpage and the idea seems really cool, and looking at reviews online, it seems like it actually works as advertised, assuming you have an express card port. However, it is very expensive ($240 just for the dock). If you are determined not to get a desktop you could buy a viDock 4 and get pretty much any graphics card (as long as it only needs one 6 pin connector)- Radeon HD 68xx or 78xx series seem like a good option. But as I said, you're paying a lot for just the dock, which might be worth it if you wern't planning on buying a desktop in the near future- however, you said yourself that you wanted to build a desktop, and the $450 you would shell out on a dock and video card is half the money you need to build a nice i5 + GTX 670 desktop, which would perform much better than your laptop, even with an external video card... and anyways, your laptop can probably play guild wars 2 on low/medium settings as it is, so I would be inclined to wait and buy a desktop if I were you.
  2. ViDocks are pretty expensive. Its $200, and I'm pretty sure you dont get a graphics card with that. Depends on how much you are willing to spend.

    If you turn the settings to low, then you might be able to play it.

    You also would need a monitor.
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