Had power outage...Now PC will not start

Earlier this afternoon, apparently there was a power outage at my house. I wasn't home, but my girlfriend told me the power flashed on and off a couple times pretty quickly.

After the first outage, she shut down my PC thinking she was doing some good, now it will not turn on.

It was plugged into a surge protector at the time. Everything else plugged into the surge protector is working fine.

When I flick the power switch of the PSU on and off, the green light on the mobo turns on and off accordingly.

Does this sound like a fried PSU? What should I do?
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  1. the mobo light should be doing that. no problem there. first i'd plug it directly into the wall while checking things out unless the power at your residence is unusually faulty or you feel it would be dangerous to your components to do so for however long it takes to check things out. sounds like your psu has some sort of other reset switch or button or something on it you need to toggle. that'd be my guess
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