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My monitor is stuck on a unwanted resoultion

I just built a computer and made sure everything worked and it did. i moved it upstairs into my gaming room and when i booted it up it went from 1920x1080(downstairs) to 1024x768(upstairs). yes i went to control panel and it said that 1024x768 is the max. the control panel also says it's a non-generic monitor when before it said syncmaster(name of monitor(samsung)). the widescreen setting is at 16:9 which it is(23in). I need help before the largeness drives me insane, no matter what i do unplugging the wires and putting back in or even removing discrete gpu and putting that back in it doesn't work. All help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Right click on the desktop and go to resolution. See if you can change it.

    Also maybe re-install your drivers.
  2. that did not work either soultion i have a gtx 670 should i try the beta drivers
  3. What monitor do you have? Also, does the Device Manager read the card?
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    emperor piehead said:
    that did not work either soultion i have a gtx 670 should i try the beta drivers

    I have a stupid question. Are you sure you plugged into the video card and not some onboard video output on your motherboard?
  5. Yes it is connected tothe video card. i was just looking at the nvidia control panel and it said i was using dvi when i'm using hdmi????
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  7. i was messing around with nvidia control panel and i tried going to 1920x1080p it wouldn't let me went to custimize went back and then it worked FACEPALM!! sorry about wasting your time.
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