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hi im a new pc builder and i wanna ask some question.. is all my hardware support each other with this kind of build?
OT- i dont know weather this is in the right section. .
i plan to reuse some of the component from my old pc such as the processor,my optical drive and my hard disk

this is a gaming pc :P
processor - intel i7 2600 (not planing to overcloak)
memory - corsair vengeance dual channel 2x4gb 1600mh ram
motherboard - asus p8p67 pro revision 3.1
gpu - sapphire radeon hd 7770 vapour - x
psu - 600w or 650w ( pls suggest :P )
optical drive - LiteON DvD/VcD player ( i guess :S )
hard disk - 7,200 rpm ide 2TB

i heard that(google) this motherboard having trouble with not setting correct ram speed and hanging on cold boot..

so can someone suggest other nice motherboard with almost the same price as this motherboard and maybe perform even better?
and 1 more, make sure it compatible with my build :P
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  1. I would look at this motherboard instead, those asus ones don't have the best ratings on newegg
    I would look at this motherboard
    Also, I don't think you need that processor unless you are going to do more than gaming, like video encoding, video editing, or photo editing. Based on your ram I am guessing this is for gaming. here is a good gaming processor.
    also I would look at getting a 7850 or 7870 for your gpu. I would get a 600watt plus psu.
  2. if you dont plan to overclock, and need the quad core+hyperthreading(used in professional apps, pretty moot point as a gamer) the Xeon chips would serve as a better price point than non k series i7's.
  3. Yeah, ok, you just never specified so I wasn't sure what you needed. I still stand by everything else that I said though.
  4. im not planning to buy a new processor because i will transfer my old cpu that this i7 2600 to my new build :P (save money :S )
    erm can i change my mobo to MSI Z77A-G43 ? because g45 not avaible in my country..
    with these kind of hardware, can my hardware support each other?
    and i will only install 1 gpu.. so no crossfirex is required :P

    sorry for the lack of info.. im new builder = ='' really sorry
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