Sapphire Trixx and what is VDDC

What is VDDC? What is it used for? On Sapphire Trixx, it says the VDDC is at 1138.
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    vddc is voltage
  2. Also, while wh're on the topic of Trixx, what does Board Power Li do/stand for? I thought that was voltage D:
  3. board power li is essential AMD powertune which changes the GPU's TDP limit
  4. Should I put that on +20%, -20% or 0?
  5. if your doing heavy overclocking, it should be at 20%(note that there is always consequences if gpus limit is high) but if its anything minor, it can be left at 0
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  7. Thanks for all the answers!
  8. Wrong thread! Sorry about this!
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