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Does dual-head lower GPU performance?

I run a Asus GTX 670, I love the performance I'm getting out of it! (Withcher 2 w/ Ubersampling at 40 FPS? YES PLEASE!) But I really want to go back to using my second monitor. Can I do this without severely hampering my GPU's performance?

I was thinking maybe I could connect my monitor to my CPU's built in graphics processor (it's an i5-3570k) that way the load wouldn't be on the GTX 670. Would this work?

Thanks in advance
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  1. I believe you would have to use your GTX670 to power your second monitor as it should override the integrated graphics card. If I am correct, you might not lose as much fps in your game if you lower the resolution of your second monitor.
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    Unless you are going to run the game with both monitors at a higher resolution, you will see no noticeable performance loss. I use a second monitor for msi afterburner and to monitor temps and such and everything works just the same.
  3. Hi, Are you talking about spanning both monitors while playing Witcher or just expanding you desktop. Witcher is not supported in surround but if you just want to use the extra workspace you should have no performance hit at all.
  4. Yeah just wanted to use the other monitor as an improved workspace area! thanks for clearing that up
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